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About us

About Ardineh

Since 1376, Ardineh company has started its activity in order to use the most modern and equipped machines for the production of starch, gluten and glucose from European countries, and now this modern industry has advanced quality control equipment that enables us to make ultra-refined starch. Gluten, glucose has undergone acid and enzymatic purification and liquid dextrose in completely hygienic conditions.


Our solutions

Knowing the real needs of the customer according to the type of consumption of products

Creating efficient management system processes to upgrade and improve the quality of products

Formulation of the plan for the fourth phase of development to produce 150 tons of fructose daily

Defining the necessary statistical flow for requirements and indicators that can be measured and analyzed, improving its establishment

Determining the training needs of personnel at different levels and planning training and following it up



  • Glucose Syrup

    Glucose syrup is a product of starch hydrolysis, where different grades are produced based on the method and extent of starch hydrolysis, resulting in varying characteristics and applications. Glucose syrups are classified by their dextrose equivalent (DE) value. Industrial fermentation typically uses glucose syrup with over 90% glucose content, while confectionery syrups contain varying levels of glucose, maltose, and oligosaccharides based on the hydrolysis grade, usually ranging from 10% to 43% glucose.

  • Control laboratories for raw materials and edible and drinking products

    Construction, equipping and operation of cooperative and authorized laboratories for controlling raw materials and edible and drinking products.

  • Wheat Starch

    Wheat starch is a versatile material used in a range of industries. Ultra-refined wheat starch is produced by separating gluten and bran from wheat flour, forming a dough-like mass, and undergoing a purification process to extract the starch.

  • Wheat Gluten

    Vital Wheat Gluten is a crucial protein derived from wheat through an extraction process that involves hydrating wheat flour to activate gluten, removing starch, and then drying and milling the gluten. It contains gliadins, responsible for viscosity, and glutenin, which provides elasticity and serves as an excellent plant-based protein source.

  • Wheat Sprayed Protein Starch (SPS)

    Wheat Sprayed Protein Starch (SPS) is a byproduct derived during the extraction of starch and gluten from wheat flour and produced using a spray dryer, this fine, creamy white powder exhibits long shelf life and excellent adhesion properties.

  • Maltodextrin

    Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate derived from wheat starch, is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis. This easily digestible substance is gradually released and absorbed during physical activity, providing sustained energy throughout the day.


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